New Hire Compliance Training & Quiz

Craig HomeCare Compliance Webinar – Required

Click here for Code of Conduct Summary
Click this link to view or download the full Compliance Program

Craig HomeCare Compliance Quiz

INSTRUCTIONS:  Before completing the Compliance Quiz you must view the webinar and read the Code of Conduct Summary.  The full Code of Conduct and the full Compliance Program are located on this page.

Contact Human Resources to request printed copies of any of these documents

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1.The compliance program at Craig HomeCare consists of a code of conduct & related policies and procedures which are designed to do all of the following EXCEPT:
2.Honest communication is _____________________.
3.                                           is always acting professionally by carrying out one’s respective duties at all times and having the ability to distinguish between personal and professional behaviors.
4.When are you required to report abuse, neglect, exploitation, or fraud?
5. In 2019-20 some additional areas of focus for Compliance were:

Read the following statements and check the box next to them if you agree and are able to pledge your compliance to the statement. If you do not agree, contact your supervisor or Compliance.
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