New Hire Orientation – Missouri

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INSTRUCTIONS:  Before completing the New Hire Orientation Quiz you must read the New Hire Orientation Booklet
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New Hire Orientation - Missouri

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Craig HomeCare Branch
1. If PPE is not available in the home you should do what immediately?
2.If you are exposed to blood or OPIM you should do the following:
3.Which of the following is NOT an assistive device?
4.While safely transferring a patient, one should remember the mnemonic for “Safe Patient Handling”. What does the “P” stand for in SPH?
5. ____________________ assist in repositioning your client in bed or pulling them closer to the edge of the bed with less strain on your body.
6.What is the maximum amount of pounds that you should lift the client or object without a manual lift, or a second person assisting you?
7.When assessing the safety of your environment, prior to your shift, you should do the following:
8.R.A.C.E stands for ___________________________.
9.Clients of Craig HomeCare have the right to:
10.Documentation of duties and services is part of working in the medical and home care field. When you are documenting you should do all of the following except:
11.If you made a documentation error you should correct it by:
12.Which of the following is NOT an example of an incident or adverse event?
13.After your shift is completed you should place your nursing notes __________________:
14.If you have recently made an observation that your client is showing signs of respiratory distress you should do the following:
15.What are Craig HomeCare’s 3 major steps for our clients to achieve their highest potential and avoid ER visits and hospitalization?
16. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, community emergency, and any other event that prevents the regular delivery of care or impacts the community, utilities, or transportation are ALL reasons that an emergency plan may be evoked.
17. If you are providing care during an emergency situation to a CHC client which of the following is NOT a step that should be taken?
18. An injury of an unknown origin exists when both of the following are met: